I am a writer, community organizer, and narrative strategist. Most of my work focuses on climate justice, particularly in the American Southwest. I was activated in my teens with the youth-led climate movement and spent much of my twenties organizing direct action campaigns and climate justice programs for and by young people. Now, my work primarily focuses on art and story as tools for social change. I write and weave narratives to inspire cultural transformation. Recently, I co-edited the anthology New World Coming: Frontline Voices on Pandemics, Uprisings, and Climate Crisis. 


I feel most alive when listening to someone's story. I strive to create story sharing experiences built on a foundation of trust, consent, and transparency, where people feel safe to share themselves in a raw, honest way. 

I received my MA in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah in 2018. I focused my research on the role of story in movement building and the challenges and opportunities for a just transition across the Southwest. 


I currently live on Goshute, Shoshone, and Ute land in so-called Salt Lake City. I'm descended from the Mormon settlers who colonized what is now known as Utah. I know I live on this land with immense privilege because of the land my ancestors stole. I live with a commitment to repair what can be repaired, which currently looks like deep relationship building, wealth redistribution, and organizing those with my shared lineage so we can collectively be accountable to the harm caused by our people. 

You can learn more about my training, roles, and experience here and read my writing heart here