I am a writer, community organizer, and narrative strategist. For the past decade, I've been coordinating, facilitating, and taking direct action with the youth-led climate justice movement. Art and story are my preferred tools for social change, so I write and weave narratives to inspire cultural transformation. I feel most alive when I am listening to someone's story, swimming in a desert river, or riding my bike.


I currently live on Goshute, Shoshone, and Ute land in so-called Salt Lake City. I'm descended from the Mormon settlers who colonized what is now known as Utah, and I know I live in this region with immense privilege because of the land my ancestors stole. I'm constantly learning how to better tell this truth, repair harm, and redistribute wealth. 

See my CV for more about my work, roles, and experience. Read my writing to learn more about my story and heart.